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The Liberation of Bosnia

 Buchung geschlossen
ArmA 3 Squad
5. Juni 2021 20:00 - 23:59



Anmeldeschluss ist der 04.06.2021 - 1800





After the murder of 7000 Muslims, the NATO and many other nations see no other option than to liberate Bosnia from the Serbs. Austria, Argentine and the Netherlands, lead the ground attack on the Montenegro border. Their objective is to liberate the Bosnian coastline. These nations get also artillery support from the US-Army. During the attack, the US-Navy starts and amphibious assault on ports of the Serbian Navy. Even before the invasion, many firefights between the Serbian- and Croatian Army occurred. It is important to make sure who we are shooting at, because Croatian are on our side. 



  • Destroy the Anti-Air position (Flugabwehrstellung)
  • Advance towards the first Roadblock and Mortar position
  •  Capture the Roadblock
  •  Destroy the Mortar position
  • Advance towards the POW-Camp
  • Capture the camp and free the POWs
  • Advance towards the Headquarters
  • Capture the Headquarters




Phase 1:

Our Base is short on supplies. That's because of the bad infrastructure in Montenegro. Many trucks got stuck on the way to the A.A.N. (Austrian-, Argentine- and Netherlands Army) base. The only way, to enable a stable supply line is by air. But the Serbian anti-air Position makes it impossible to take off without being shot down. Because of that, the first target is to destroy this anti-air position. Only then helicopters and planes can supply our base.


Phase 2:

After the destruction of the AA position, the A.A.N. advances in the direction of the first roadblock and the mortar position. On the way towards these objectives, the armies have to reckon with enemy contact. Once there, the objective is to capture the roadblock and destroy the mortar position. Attention, there are civilians in the area.


Phase 3:

An informant spoke about a POW-Camp, in which many Croatian and Bosnian freedom fighters being hold captive. Therefore, it is very important to free those POWs. When attacking the outpost, the A.A.N. have to act fast, because we don't know how the Serbs will act on this attack.


Phase 4:

The last target is the Serbian Headquarters. The area around the Headquarters is heavily guarded. The whole defense is planned there. Therefore, capturing this complex will weaken the enemy by a lot. Aerial photographs have captured large numbers of mechanized units. It is excepted that those units will spread over the entire area, shortly after the start of the invasion.



The US-Army provides artillery support. Which is able to fire after the destruction of the AA-position, because of the supply shortage.



The enemy is the Serbian Army. There are equipped with some kind of AKs, RPGs, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and armored vehicles. On the east side of the map, is a Serbian airbase. It is expected that there are Helicopters (MI-24, MI-8) and jet-fighters (MIG-29).



Civilians are in the whole operation area present.



Minefield are marked with signs.


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  • 5. Juni 2021 20:00 - 23:59


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